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Walt Disney Company The document that is prepared the by proprietors with the help of experts, and it outlines the goal of the business, a justification why they are attainable, and a guideline of how operations will be carried out to attain the goals is referred to as a business plan. A business plan determines the failure or success of business since it gives the foundation of how the business will be conducted, but the success does not come from the expertise of preparing the plan, the success mainly comes from how effective the plan is implemented. Therefore, this paper shall focus on the implementation plan Walt Disney Company.
The paper shall have three sections, where the first section will focus on describing the company, the products
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The company was established in the year 1923 by Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney and was known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon studio, which was the leader in the animation industry before it diversified to film production, theme park and television. It acquired its current name in 1986 after expanding its operations and started focusing on the radio, publishing, music and online media. Currently, the company is the world second largest media conglomerate after Comcast regarding revenue (David & David,…show more content…
The vision of the company is making people happy while its mission is to be one of the leading producers and be the world’s information and entertainment provider and using its portfolio brand to differentiate its services, consumer products and content (Thomas, 1994). The company operates using Strategic Business Unit (SBU) structure and usually has five units namely: the consumer products, parks and resorts, media networks, studio entertainment and interactive media. In its hierarchy, the company does not have a position for Chief operational officers (COO), but the Chairman of Walt Disney acts as the COO.
The mission, organizational structure and the strategy of the company, indicates that the company is growth oriented and aims to provide excellent services to its customers. However, lack of COO indicates that the company's decisions making seems to be centralized. There are some positive aspects indicated by the mission and the strategy of the company. It clear that the company focuses on their customers and they aim at differencing their products through branding. It also worth to note that the company's strategy is incorporated in its mission of product
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