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Waterless cooking is basically cooking food without adding water, fats, and oils to it. This is done in specific kinds of pots and pans which are known as waterless cookware. This method of cooking is fairly recent and has only been around for a few decades. Interest and inquiry into this method of food preparation began in the 1940s and 50s. The first metallic cookware made for waterless cooking were made at around this time and have been improved upon ever since. Waterless cookware pans are made of several metals layered onto one another. If the pot has five layers, then it will be labeled 5-ply and if there are seven layers, the label will state that it is 7-ply. There can be as many as nine layers, but the least number of layers must be five. The metals commonly used include copper or aluminium in the inner core for conductivity and stainless steel on the outside to…show more content…
Adding water or fat without a doubt alters the natural taste and essence of the ingredients. In waterless cooking, food cooks in its own juices. This makes for a better tasting meal. Eliminating fats and oils in food also makes for a healthier meal which is important for health-conscious individuals. This is especially true for those who have been forced to eliminate fat in their diet for health reasons. Nutrient Retention A top concern for all moms and nutritionists is the nutritional value of food and waterless cooking provides a viable alternative to conventional cooking methods. Only a limited number of foods can be consumed raw in an effort to eat healthy and not all such foods are very tasty. For instance, kale is better tasting when cooked but loses a lot of vitamins when cooked. Potatoes cannot be consumed raw but are a healthy source of starch. Waterless cooking retains nutrients that would otherwise be lost or watered down in other cooking methods such as boiling, frying, and stewing. Energy

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