Research Paper On Whiskey

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Whiskey is a unique spirit, with a unique taste. Period. While it would be wrong to say whiskey is unique in its own right since other spirits have some traits in common with whiskey. Vodka, for the most part is also made of grain. Brandy is kept to mature in barrels. Rum has a similar range of unaged and aged expressions, as does the Mexican favorite tequila. Those last three often benefit from aging in used whiskey barrels. Gin may not seem to be related, but its grain spirit, and its ancestral cousin, genever, is barrel-aged in the Netherlands to make a surprisingly whiskey-like spirit. But no other spirit inspires as much passion as whiskey! There are countless more vodkas than there are whiskeys, with indigenous "designer" brands popping up in every country but are there books that examine the differences among them? Do people collect them? Tequila inspires brand loyalty, but can you name the master distiller of your favorite brand? Do Gin bottles sell for over $100,000 at auctions? Cognac may reach those dizzying heights but does it command the huge sales that Whiskey does? Whiskey overtook brandy in terms of popularity and consumer preference over a century back and has never looked back... Whiskey is a…show more content…
No single spirit has stimulated such curiosity or inspired such connoisseurship as has whiskey. Single malts were but the beginning, with its burgeoning popularity, newer variants began appearing: Blended, Bourbons, Cask Strength, Single Barrel, Wood Finish and Vintage; but how did this golden liquid cherished by millions around the world come to
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