Research Paper On Why Dema Came To America

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Deema yusuf wasn't just an average american college student. Demma was palestinian and came to study. When Deema came to America she was nervous but the strangest thing happened to her. Deema became friend with a israilian which back home she couldn't even talk to them that's why it was so strange.

Deema’s favorite food was Musakhan which looked like a pizza but was different. Musakhan was thinner than a pizza and had no crusty edges like a pizza Also it was fluffier.. The topping it had were chopped onions into very tiny pieces, Chicken Pieces, and some spices. Some common ingredients in palestine's are pita bread, zaatar, and olive oil.
Deema thinks that palestinian food is not represented good in us becuase when they give you pita bread
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