Research Paper On Women's Oppression

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Women’s oppression can be defined in literally a million of words. In my own words, women’s oppression is devaluing women and objectifying them as if they have no meaning or purpose in this world. In this paper I will argue that women’s oppression is universal, continually remade through the media and will never be liberated. First, I will use religion to prove that women’s oppression is universal. Second, I will use the story of Adam and Eve to explain my belief in the origin of women’s oppression. Third, I will use Jean Kilbourne's Killing Us Softly 4 video to prove that women’s oppression is continually remade. Lastly, I will use how the media works and how we think to prove that we will never win at liberation of women’s oppression. Women’s …show more content…

Every aspect of the media is controlled and manipulated to look a certain way. Meaning that while it may seem like the media is trying to sell you a product they are really trying to sell you a message, subconsciously. For example, TrueCar, a car pricing service, released an ad suggesting that women can now go car shopping without a man tagging along. While the ad may seem like it is about a car pricing service, it is really about suggesting that women are useless about men. There was no point in adding in the fact that women can now go car shopping without a man. They could have easily said anyone can go car shopping alone rather than singling out women, making us look useless. My point is, that the media is constantly proving that women’s oppression still exists. Jean Kilbourne refers to this at her TED Talk, where she proves the objectification of women in the media through images and videos from real-life ads. Jean goes on to explain that women are only seen as objects as seen by the media. Through ads, the media is constantly bringing women down and objectifying them. My point is now proven, women’s oppression is continually remade through the media and many other platforms as well. We see women’s oppression everywhere, in our surroundings, from the train all the way to our jobs, women’s oppression is an ongoing …show more content…

We all live with the common stereotypes of women in our heads, whether we like it or not. This is because, as I mentioned before, we have subconsciously learned about how women aren’t valued enough and are constantly objectified. In addition, women are usually taught to praise men and treat them like we cannot live without them. In a marriage, women are usually expected to “serve” their husbands, do everything they can to please them. The media is all about making money so, if they have to tear women apart, emotionally, they will. The media is a fast, growing environment which cannot be controlled. Just like we cannot control what people say or do towards women. There is no possible way to control women’s oppression, therefore, it will never be

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