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Yalenchka, the Mighty Ocean Many, many moons ago, there was an ocean spirit who was named Yalenchka. Yalenchka was very kind, for she allowed the soft-skinned humans to use her fish as food and for the young to play in her shallow waters. She allowed them to do this for the small price of that they would remember to thank her, to worship her, so that the people would never take more than was needed. This worked very well for hundreds of years, until, slowly, the creatures on the land began to forget. At first, Yalenchka was very unsure of what to do, since she was still very young. She waited another 50 years, but the only change she noticed was that the people just kept getting greedier and greedier, ignoring their elders warnings. Yalenchka was…show more content…
“Now who on earth would want to hurt him?” “Y-you. You said that if they d-don't start worshipping you…” “Oh, my child. I would never hurt innocent children.” She thought for a moment. “In two weeks time, I want you to take all of the children to the Sacred Tree in the middle of the forest. When you get there, the Great Dragon will let you in and protect you, but you have to be in there by midnight if you want to be safe. Do you understand?” Aldegonde nodded, then ran off. Two weeks later, there was still no improvement amongst the humans, and Yalenchka was furious. At midnight she threw her water on to the land again and again, making the waves higher and higher, until they reached the moon and the land was covered by a deep layer of salty water and seaweed. That night, humanity remembered. They remembered their promise to Yalenchka, and they realized how greedy they’ve been. At that moment, many of the people bowed down and worshipped her, the mighty Yalenchka, the mighty ocean, who forgave them for their mistakes. Now, whenever people begin to forget, Yalenchka punishes them with this disaster, called a tsunami, and they always remember,
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