Research Paper On Year-Round School

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There exist great concerns about the quality of the American educational system. Many reforms to the American educational system has been made for the betterment of the educational system for family and child. Despite these reforms, there seems to stagnate growth statistically. Internationally, America is competing at a lower level than most developed countries and that is due to several factors. Year-Round school is one such factor that could be contributing to higher academic achievement globally. Nationally, there seems to be a measurable increase of year-round schooling vs. traditional schooling. The growing popularity of year-round schooling is attributed to higher student achievement, higher wage earnings for teachers, and increased affordability for low-income families.
For higher student achievement there was a study done at two year-round schools versus two traditional calendar …show more content…

A lot of people have misunderstood the “year-round” schooling. The year-round school is not an alternative curriculum for learning, but it can also be called continuous learning, all-seasons learning, or four seasons (Warrick, 1995). Quinlan, George, and Emmett (1987) define YRE as a reorganization of the school calendar, into instructional blocks and vacations distributed across the calendar year to ensure continuous learning. Students that learn in a year-round school, can progress with less interruption during the summer months. Students also retain more information during the four, short break than they would after the normal summer vacation. It is good for children to attend year-round school due to some loss of knowledge and skills over the summer vacation. Not only is this good for the students, but it is also good for the teachers because they would not have to worry about preparing materials to reteach their

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