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Research Paper

Recent studies on parental involvement in education have found that there are many benefits for both the student and the adult when parents become involved in their children’s education. Without parent support, it is very difficult for a child to be motivated. From what I have seen growing up, only a small percentage of students are self-motivated, so it is absolutely vital that parents assist in the motivation process. I found this table to be particularly interesting and important.


SCHOOL # 2 3 4
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Plus, the other eight showed how important the involvement of parents really is.

Parental involvement has become so important, that there have been many studies conducted on the effect of the involvement. “Research has shown that parents can increase children's academic success through involvement with schools and communities.
Parental involvement improves student morale, attitudes, and academic achievement across all subject areas. Thus, by getting involved, parents reduce children's risk of academic failure and dropping out before graduation. Children's behavior and social adjustment improve when parents' are proactive with schools and neighborhoods to cultivate an environment that promotes learning.”(Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, 1988. p 1). This quote from a study, just goes to show that involvement from a parent can really have an impact on their child’s education. Since children are at home more than they are at school, their parents can further their children’s education perhaps even more so than a teacher. “Children spend much more time at home than at school. Their parents know them intimately, interact with them one-to-one, and do not expect to be paid to help their children succeed. The home environment, more familiar and less structured than the classroom, offers what Dorothy Rich calls ‘teachable moments’ that teachers can only dream about.” (David Peterson, 1985. p 2).

According to the article I found in ERIC,

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