Research Paper- Pica Disorder

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Pica Disorder: “Eating disorders are a serious mental illness, not a lifestyle choice.” Millions of people have to deal with inner demons on a daily basis, some more serious than others but one that is severe, is Pica disorder. Pica disorder is an eating disorder where people have an appetite for non-nutritive, inedible materials and become addicted to eating items such as clay, nail polish, drywall, light bulbs and much more. This disorder causes victims to eat unimaginable things and causes many medical problems in the process. Some doctors believe that this disorder is just complication of the mental psyche, but there is more underlying issues that cause this disorder. Thus, Pica disorder is caused by a combination of biochemical,…show more content…
Many have liver and kidney damage due to prolonged periods of ingesting toxic chemicals in pursuit of the chemicals that there bodies desire. They also develop serious intestinal blockage, and can start developing lead poisioning which leads to permanent damage and even death. For many people, eating strange items becomes the norm, but in many countries eating strange items is the norm in order to survive. Environment also plays a key factor in pica disorder. In other countries eating odd item is the norm because it is necessary for them to survive. In many subsaharan African countries, because of malnutrition many people are desperate for food and will turn to inedible sources such as dirt and clay in order to stay alive. This is a sad way of life, but it is also harmful to the human body because our bodies were not meant to digest such harsh things like dirt and clay. Many people in Africa end up perishing from clogged digestive tracks, they cannot pass it and it ends up being stuck in their digestive system and they die because toxins that are meant to leave the body are trapped and slowly each of the bodies organs being to shut down and the individual will surely die a slow and painful death. Africa is not the only location where dirt and clay are eaten as food. In many southern states until the early 1900’s, sold clay and dirt balls in many public places. They were easy to transport and did not spoil easily. They were first introduced
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