Research Paper – Sex Education in Public Schools

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Research Paper – Sex Education in Public Schools
It’s been a number of days since I’ve written here, and for that I have to answer that there have been a number of projects under works that I’ve had to tend to. For now, I will take the time to show you a research paper I’ve spent most of the day writing for my Comp I class.
Sex Education in Public Schools
Sex education in public schools here in the United States has, for at least the past decade, supported and utilized abstinence-only sex education programs to be taught throughout both intermediate schools and high schools. Though during the entire time that abstinence-only programs have been used, there has been a constant debate among both parents and educational authorities how to
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Teen pregnancy rates have seen both falls and climbs in the past number of decades, and much of the time it has been difficult to pinpoint the cause of these rate changes. When the pregnancy rate decreases, both sides of the argument often take credit, one side saying that it was because of a lack of abstinence-only sex education, another side saying it was because of a reinforcement or fulfillment in abstinence-only sex education. In the Introduction to the Opposing Viewpoints series’ Teen Sexuality:
Defenders of traditional sex education programs point to these statistics and argue that Congress’s proposed changes to sex education are unnecessary. However, a second study by another Michael Resnick of the University of Minnesota provides another explanation for the drop in teen sexual activity. According to Resnick, parents who spend time with their children and make their values clear are more likely to have children who forgo sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence. ‘It’s more than the physical presence of parents, the number of hours a day they’re in the home,’ Resnick contends. ‘Its their emotional availability.’ (13-14)
The more information and supportive relationships from the
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