Research Paper for Generics Pharmacy

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Historical Background of the Company More than an enterprising venture, at the core of THEGENERICSPHARMACY is an advocacy of making medicines accessible to ALL Filipinos, coupled with free blood pressure check-up and full 20% discount in all branches 1949- THEGENERICSPHARMACY stemmed from its mother company 1959-the company began importing and wholesaling pharmaceutical products. 1989-the company decided to sell generic drugs primarily to government hospitals 2001- the company stepped up its distribution by opening its retail arm 2007, THEGENERICSPHARMACY tapped Francorp, the world leader in franchising, to engineer its franchise development and growth 2008- 150 stores operate NATIONWIDE. Mission Through franchising,…show more content…
The sales transaction is recorded manually which makes the whole process very slow. It took them for about 5-10 minutes to complete the sales transaction and to record the corresponding changes to the inventory book. They only have calculator used for computation for cash inflows and outflows. They don’t have any software/system that is needed to compile the data in one location and for recording all transaction and product information. The records and information on the stocks and inventories are not well sorted and not timely which makes it unreliable and therefore worsen the problem. “Block Diagram” (Inventory System) Fig. 2.1 This figure shows the Block Diagram of an Inventory System Level 2- Lower Level Diagram (Existing) Assessing Current Inventory Status (idraw moh nlng) Feasibility Study Cost and Benefit Analysis The system incurs a developmental cost of Php141, 341for a time frame of three months and an operating cost of 69,900. The Rate of Return on Investment is around 50.55% with a Savings of Php71, 441 and a Payback Period of 1.978 yr. Therefore, the system is feasible. |Cost |Benefit | |Repair and Maintenance |This is to ensure that the system is in good condition. | |Installation of
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