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Recklessly in Love.

In Barbara Graham’s “The Future of Love”, she says long-term fairy tale romance inspires true love believers and their perspective towards love itself. Graham expresses the idea that to her, a lot of relationships fail because both partners in the relationship fall in love with an idealistic view of who the other person is. She explains that couples jump into relationships thinking their significant other was this perfect image they made him/her out to be only to come to realization that it was a figment of their imagination. Graham also defies the sappy happy endings that she says everyone believes in since heartbroken romantics oversee a lot of the incompatibilities and faults in a relationship to make it more
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Graham uses definition in that she defines what love meant to her and how she thinks people perceived it to be. The first example of this is the idea of searching for love according to “Freud and his psychoanalytic descendants” (Par. 3) They say that the search for the perfect one is “the futile wish of not-fully-developed selves” (Par. 3) and invalidity plays its role in this again. Graham stresses from the beliefs, according to Freud, that apparently “love seems to be to our psychic structure what food and water are to our cells.” (Par. 3) In another example of her usage of definition to support her thesis, Graham mentions that people believe “marriages and relationships to be long-running fairy tales.” (Par. 5) and by assuming that also makes the readers believe that is the actual definition of marital status. As absurd and untrue as those examples can get, Graham doesn’t think about the opposing viewpoints of her citations and therefore this can be disputed.
The last rhetorical strategy that Graham uses to support her thesis is citing experts. Graham takes full advantage of her sources to go in depth with her subject both mentally and biologically. Following up from her past fake experiences in the beginning of the story, Graham cites mythical couples such as “Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and her handsome prince, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Fred and Ginger, Barbie and Ken.” (Par. 4) Graham takes a mental approach

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