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Research Paper on Autism Just imagine your child was diagnosed of having autism. The realization of your child perhaps being autistic may be lurid. You now know that your child will be found with many challenges, and may have a severe difficulty making sense of the world. Autism is an illness that can affect your communication, socialization, intelligence, and you may act in many unusual behaviors. To try to help an autistic child is being very courageous. Having a child will who is autistic will be a struggle throughout both of your lives. Autism can be described in many ways. Autism medically, is a neurological disorder, which can affect the brain from trying to properly function normally. Autism is always a childhood disorder. It…show more content…
Another, is repeating parts of a conversation heard in the past (delayed echolalia). May repeat certain sounds over and over again (verbal perseveration) it also may be difficult for a child to convey his or her own needs. Examples are, if the child is hungry or ever in pain. This is one of the most lurid obstacles for a parent to come to realize. It is also very hard to socialize with an autistic child. Frequently autistic children will want to play alone, have no interest in making any friends, cannot make contact into your eyes, and will not show any sign of affection. This is very hard for family, friends, caregivers, and teachers to have to deal with. Most autistic children also have an IQ of under 70, that of an average person. About 20-40% of autistic children that have an IQ of fewer than 50 may start having seizures before adolescence. There are also many variances of autism, sometimes called childhood-onset pervasive development disorder or atypical autism. This may begin later then 12 years old. They start to behave in many bizarre mechanisms. The child may also be diagnosed with tourette’s syndromes, obsessive compulsive disorder, or hyperactivity. It is very difficult for a doctor to diagnose one symptom or disorder from another. To help your child through autism at the

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