Research Paper on Criminal Justice

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Niquita Murdock September 8, 2010
English Class The field of Criminal Justice has so many different career paths that anyone can succeed in and it’s for that reason I have picked the Forensic Science path to explore. There are a number of reasons why I have chosen to explore and get an education in this career. The specialization of Forensic Science within the Criminal Justice is right for me because I feel that families should have closure, I feel that people who don’t deserve to be in prison should have a fair trial, I like watching crime shows all the time, and last but not least it’s a more challenging field of work and I love
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He was accused of murder all because he had scratch marks on his arm in which his neighbor noticed (Forensic Examiner p82). I just feel that a person should have a fair trial and that the evidence be tested correctly. Where there aren’t any mistakes with how the hair and DNA that was tested isn’t falsely compared to the suspect when it matches another or the victim for that matter. I’m what people call a couch potato. I sit on the couch all day long watching Crime Scene Investigation from Miami to Las Vegas, and then NY. That’s how I discovered the career path of a forensic science. If I had not watched these shows I wouldn’t be sitting in this class today. For the ones who have not seen or heard of the shows, they are mainly about a team of forensic scientist that go on calls and process a crime scene. They collect evidence to prove who was and who wasn’t at the scene of the crime. They all are basically the same show but they have different actors and actresses for each show. They also have different settings. While I was doing some research I came across an article titled CSI: Reality by Max Houck he basically talks about what the differences are between the real thing and what are just famous people acting out and being filmed (Houck par 1-16). The job at hand is based upon dealing with challenging work. Forensic science isn’t just all about mixing mysterious chemicals and looking through a magnify glass. There
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