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Individual Integrative Paper- ORGS 5100.3S A Critical Review of Corporate Social Responsibility- The Niger Delta Business Case Judith Idemudia ABSTRACT This paper contains a critical review of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is one of strategy being adopted by businesses to address some of the challenges they confront in their external environment. This paper examines various arguments from proponents and critics of CSR. In addition, this paper examines the case of oil Multinational in Nigeria as way of ascertaining the validity of the different positions in the CSR debate. Introduction Historical evidence suggests that societal concerns for businesses to have social obligations…show more content…
This widespread transmission of a corporation’s misconduct will then have significant ramifications for their reputation and profitability. The case of Shell in Ogoni (Niger Delta, Nigeria), the Brent Spar in the UK as well as Nike’s sweatshop saga in Asia in the 1990s are good examples of how the social conducts of a corporation can affect their reputation. However, the tension between CSR concepts and CSR practices remain and this has led some to 3 declare that there is a need for logic and empirical evidence to show the true cost and benefit of CSR for both business and society (Devinney, 2009, 44). This paper attempts to contribute to the CSR debate by addressing the following questions: (1) To what extent has the adoption of the CSR principles and practices resulted in positive outcomes for both oil MNCs and local communities in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria? (2) What are the implications of the Nigerian case study for CSR theory from a developing country perspective? Before I begin to address these questions, I will critically examine some of the arguments for and against CSR. The CSR Debate: Contrasting Perspectives (The CSR Proponents & Critics) Although there has been a lot of academic writing on Corporate Social
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