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Research Paper – Dyckman Farm House & Museum Dyckman Farmhouse Museum narrates the story of rural Northern Manhattan, a landscape and a life that disappeared in the makeover of a farming community to urban neighborhood. Through the history of the Dyckman family and farm, the museum discovers life in early 19th century rural Manhattan and the protection of that memory in the early 20th century. The Dyckman Farm house & Museum is a historical place that reminds us of how the city looked and how it has changed throughout time. The history of the Dyckman Farm House & Museum began after the American Revolution. William Dyckman, son of Jan Dyckman, build the house on Kingsbridge Road (Broadway). The Dyckman house was eventually passed to…show more content…
The little historic house was hovering higher than the actual street, extremely different from its surroundings, a reversion of time. I never went to the house until this project came out. I immediately though about visiting the Dyckman Farm and Museum. Surprisingly, when I went the museum entrance only cost $1 and it took me about an hour to see the interior and 30 minutes to walk through the garden. The Dyckman Farm House & Museum is small enough that you can self-guide. There are 7 rooms, and one of the most interesting is the main parlor. The house in general is well maintained and the farm house is only open Friday to Sundays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. The experience of visiting the Dyckman Farm House & Museum gave me the opportunity to have an understanding of how beautiful and soundless the city was. Similarly to what George J. Demko said on his essay “A Sense of Place”, “All places change. They change in themselves and they change relative to other places, and they may cause in other places. We may imagine there are certain places magically untouched by time or change.” This quotation indeed relates to the sense of magic surrounded to the Dyckman Farm House & Museum and how this old colonial-styled house is in the middle of subways, bus stations and buildings, yet it feels like time has not changed. The experience of visiting the Dyckman Farm House and Museum meant

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