Research Paper on Dyckman Farm House and Museum

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Research Paper – Dyckman Farm House & Museum
Dyckman Farmhouse Museum narrates the story of rural Northern Manhattan, a landscape and a life that disappeared in the makeover of a farming community to urban neighborhood. Through the history of the Dyckman family and farm, the museum discovers life in early 19th century rural Manhattan and the protection of that memory in the early 20th century. The Dyckman Farm house & Museum is a historical place that reminds us of how the city looked and how it has changed throughout time.
The history of the Dyckman Farm House & Museum began after the American Revolution. William Dyckman, son of Jan Dyckman, build the house on Kingsbridge Road (Broadway). The Dyckman house was eventually passed to William’s son, Jacobus, after his dead. Jacobus moved into the farmhouse in 1793 inheriting a modest farmhouse that he would modify significantly over the next decades.
During the 20th century, the farmhouse was in poor condition and the rustic atmosphere of the nearby neighborhood was rapidly changing. The addition of the IRT subway line to northern Manhattan caused a reckless development in the area. In 1915 the house was endangered with demolition. Numerous newspaper articles of the early 20th century remarked on the rapid alteration in the neighborhood and the many losses of farmhouses. In response to the likely risk of losing the farmhouse, Fannie Fredericka Dyckman Welch and Mary Alice Dyckman Dean, both daughters of Isaac Michael Dyckman…

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