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Health care in the U.S
The United States is having many problems with the way the economy is today. The economy is at its worst, and the health care system is not any better. The United States has the most money spent per person on healthcare than in any other nation. Even though health care in the United States is at its worst, the American people shouldn’t be spending as much money on it as they are currently paying.
The U.S economy is still struggling to recover from the worst recession in three generations. The United States is having its worst economic downturn since the great depression. What the U.S is has been going through is not normal, and will never be normal for years to come. (McClatchy, “Editorial: A real downer”
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With the hospitals costs being so high it injures employers who buy their employees health insurance. A lot of employers, especially small ones who can no longer afford to offer health insurance. Today a lot of health care systems have not been trusted. Jack Morgan has come across many patients who have died at the hands of the U.S health care system. About 100 people had died while they waited for kidney transplants (26). All of the American people benefit from a continual flow of innovations, both technological and managerial.
The number of employed doctors has dropped sharply, while salaries from hospitals increased. The four largest health insurance companies in the US denied coverage to more than half a million individuals because of there pre-existing conditions from 2007- 2009, according to a congressional investigation ( US health care Oct 12, 2010). Another roll was that federal government will step in to ensure that the Obama administration healthcare reforms are implemented in every state ( Kathleen Aug 18, 2010). The people of the researchers say that it is all about power. The less the American people know about the facts, the greater the hospitals and insurers gain power. The U.S health care system is the midst of a ferocious war (1). There is only one group that can prevent this damage.
The current system is

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