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Community Service Report

Organization name and Location
Little Rock Compassion Center
Little Rock, AR
3618 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Homeless shelters provide assistance for men, women, and children in the United States. The primary demand for homeless services is a constant need. Homeless shelters provide the population of homeless individuals comfort in knowing that there is a place they may go to in their time of need. There are many homeless shelters that cater to different criteria's. Many homeless shelters provide meals[->0], clothing, counseling, and job skills. Other homeless shelters may provide services for only men, women, teens, or families. All homeless shelter's goals are to help those that are in need. Of all of the homeless
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Praise and Worship Services - Sundays and Wednesdays. Men and women are moved by the Holy Spirit to come to the alters for deliverance from drugs and alcohol, prostitution, to get their families back, or just make some sense out of their lives.
Christian Bible Studies - Bible Studies are held five nights a week as a spiritual meal to accompany the physical meals we serve.
Christian Morning Devotionals - Every morning at 7:00 am devotionals and prayer start the day for those on recovery and staff.
Emergency Shelter - Men’s Division - Beds are provided nightly for 200 men, making over 73,000 beds available. There is the capability of providing up to 400 beds if necessary.

Family rooms are available for complete families or women with teenage boys.
Women’s Division - Beds are available for 40 women (and children) nightly.
Hot Meals Served 3 times a day - Hot meals are served three times a day 365 days a year. Last year hot meals were provided for over 81,000 people along with food pantry boxes, making a total of over 142,000 meals provided in 2005. We estimate over 140,000 meals to be provided in 2007.
Food Pantry - Open every Thursday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. (Emergency food supplied when needed)

Clothing Assistance - Much clothing is given away to the needy. In the evenings, at shower time, if a clean change of clothing is needed, we provide that need.
Biblically Based Counseling - The Word of God is the
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