Research Paper on Human Behavior Organization

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Organizational Behavior against Perception

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To be sure, the goal was still technical efficiency, but at least management was awakened to the importance of one of its neglected resources. Taylor’s major work was published in 1911. it was followed in 1914 by Lillian Gilbreth’s The Psychology of Management, which primarily emphasized the human side of work. Shortly thereafter the National Personnel Association was formed, and later. In 1923, it became the American Management Association, carrying the subtitle “Devoted Exclusively to the Consideration of the Human Factor in Commerce and Industry.” During this period Whiting Williams was studying workers while working with them, and in 1920 he published a significant interpretation of his experiences, What’s on the Worker’s Mind. Organizations permeate all levels of our lives. We come into contact with many of them daily. In fact, most of us probably spend most of our lives in—or are affected by—organizations. We expend sizable amounts of our time as members of work, school, social, civic, and church organizations. Or we are involved as employees, students, clients, patients, and citizens of organizations. Organizations are characterized by their goal-directed behavior, and they pursue goals and objectives that can be achieved more efficiently and effectively by the concerted action of individuals and groups. Organizations are, however, much more than means for providing goods and services. They
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