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Hurricane Wilma November 24, 2015 Geology 1401 Introducion: Cyclones, Hurricanes, and Typhoons, these cyclonic storms are known by many names but are all born from the same mechanism: low pressure systems. Also known as depressions. Thankfully, most hurricanes form only during hurricane season, which is from June 1st to November 30th. Within this season about 85 percent of the most intense hurricanes and 60 percent of minor Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes originate from African easterly waves (NOAA Cyclone Report). These waves, which have a wavelength of 2000 to 2500 kilo-meters, originate close to or from the highlands of Ethiopia, Africa. Not all easterly waves become hurricanes, but the ones that do travel…show more content…
Thanks to its 213 trillion teraflops, NOAA is able to release fairly accurate 5 day forecasts of hurricanes. Granted, after 3 days the accuracy of these forecasts declines but they do serve as very accurate maps within those first 3 days. Hurricane Wilma On the evening of October 15, 2005 tropical depression number 24 appeared in Atlantic Ocean, its winds at a mere 35 kilo-meters per hour, pressure of about 1004 mb and heading West at a pace of 5 kilo-meters per hour. In the next few hours, the winds of depression number 24 gradually increased to 45 km/h and on the morning of October 16, it had reached speeds of 55 km/h. On the 17nth of October this depression developed into tropical storm “Wilma”, with wind speeds at about 65 km/h and an internal pressure of 1000 mb. At about 10 A.M the Yucatan Peninsula was issued a warning, alerting them of the possible dangers from Wilma. Following an erratic pattern of movement, experts were not sure where Wilma was headed. On the morning of October 18 Wilma was about 810 km from Punta Allen, Mexico. Wilma once again intensified reaching speeds of 120 km/h, by the end of the day it was officially a category II hurricane at 175 km/h. On the 19nth at 4 A.M, about 595 km from Punta Allen, Mexico hurricane Wilma quickly reached wind speeds of 280 km and pression levels of 980 mb, at these speeds Wilma was now classified as a category V. The rate at which

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