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Love Throughout the Storm In the Tempest, by Shakespeare we see the love of family, love of country, and personal love dominate The Tempest and inform nearly every significant action. Caliban loves the island, Ariel loves natural freedom, Prospero loves his daughter, Alonso his son, and so on. But the traitors Antonio and Sebastian are also defined by love, or really the lack thereof. They are in love with power, or the potential for it. In this play, each player is on a quest for some kind of love or another, fulfilling their own version of what it means to be appreciated and, in the case of the best, to appreciate others. Love is something that everyone should obtain because without it we will not be able to love one another. In…show more content…
His delicacy of nature is nowhere more apparent than his sympathy with the right and good.” (Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. Ed. Henry Norman Hudson). In this article we see how Henry Hudson does not hesitate to aside with Ariel and explain that he is one of a kind with such a huge heart. Noticing the good features Ariel has, we see that Ariel’s mark worthy feature is that his power does not stop with his physical forces of nature, but reaches also to the hearts and consciences of men, so that by his music he can kindle or assuage the deepest griefs of one, and strike the sharpest pain of remorse into the other. On the other hand, Caliban the earth spirit is preternatural. Caliban as well as Ariel, relates and reflects on the earth, as mentioned before, Ariel loves natural freedom while Caliban loves the island. Caliban is a wonderful creation because he has more in common with us, without being any proper sense human. Despite his portrayal, he also has moments in which he delivers beautiful speeches, such as in [Caliban-3.2.148-156]: “Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
 Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
 Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
 Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices
 That, if I then
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