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Research paper On Organizational culture & mentoring SUBMITTED BY: Anora Muriel dsilva Class: MBA (IB) INDEX TOPIC | PAGE NUMBER | Introduction | 2 | Why do we study organizational culture | 2 | Levels of organizational culture | 3 | Consequences and implication of organizational culture | 4-5 | Research findings on organizational culture | 5 | Mentoring | | Introduction | 5 | Functions of Mentoring | 5 | Characteristics of a good mentor | 6 | Personal and organizational implications of mentoring | 6 | Building an effective mentoring network: | 7 | Research finding on mentoring | 8 | Bibliography | 9 | oRGANISATIONAL CULTURE AND MENTORING INTRODUCTION: The word culture has been is derived from the idea of…show more content…
Eg: dress code to be followed in the organization, company logo etc. b) Shared Values: Values refer to the second level of the organizational culture. It refers to ones beliefs as to what should be done and what should not be done. It refers to those principles and qualities which shape our thinking process and behavior. Values can be divided into instrumental values and terminal values. Values are usually emotionally charged and learned during our life especially through the process of socialization through the environment, family , friends etc. c) Common Assumptions: Assumptions are the top most and the fundamental level of cultural diagnosis. They refer to the beliefs that cannot be observed but are present in the behavior of people so strongly that the violation of it is the companies emphasis on truth and loyalty of its when IBM opened its operations in Japan in 1960, the local Japanese workers were shocked to learn that the company emphasized its goal as highest return on investment to the stockholders where as in Japan it usually is the employees who get stay with the company and are the ones who are really interested in the company. CONSEQUENCES AND IMPLICATION OF ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: Depending upon the strengths of the organization, the culture followed in the organization can have a pervasive impact on the effectiveness of the organization. Employees belonging

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