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A Pakistan railway, life line of the country, is a national state run transport service. It is under the administration of federal government under the Ministry of Railways and its head quarter is in Lahore. It is an important source of transportation throughout Pakistan. Pakistan Railways provides an important mode of transportation throughout Pakistan. It is commonly referred to as the "life line of the country", by aiding in large scale movement of people and freight throughout Pakistan. Recently a Pakistan railway is in crisis. This persistent failure owes to absence of a clear direction for the organization, a pessimistic organizational ethos
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The Development Unit manages all; Divisions i.e., Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Sukkur, Department besides, monitoring projects in execution Railway owned Schools Hospitals and Railway Academy, Walton, Information & Technology Pakistan Railways comprises of seven territorial operating Karachi & Quetta, besides, Workshops Division at Moghalpura and an administrative Division at Headquarter The territorial and Workshops Divisions are each headed by a Divisional Superintendent directly under the auspices of General Manager Operations .The Divisional Superintendents are assisted by the Divisional and Assistant Officers of their respective departments i.e. Engineering Department-Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Signal and Telecommunications, Medical, Transportation & Commercial, Accounts and Railway Police.
Manufacturing Unit

The department of manufacturing is headed by the General Manager Manufacturing & Services, this unit is composed of following sections:

1. Carriage Factory, Islamabad, (CFI)
2. Concrete Sleeper Factories, (CSF)
3. Locomotive Factory Risalpur
4. Rehabilitation Project, MGPR
5. Railway Constructions Pakistan Limited (RAILCOP)
6. Pakistan Railway Advisory & Consultancy Services (PRACS).

Ministry of Railway is responsible for overall control of Pakistan Railways as well as to guide the overall policy. There are four (4) Directorates in this PR namely Administrative

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