Research Paper on Restaurant Management

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Nicholas Marshburn
Peggy B. Price
Honors English 12-3rd period
17 February 2005
Restaurant Management Running a restaurant can be one of the most stressful job as well as the most fun and rewarding job. If the manager is a good leader with excellent leadership skills and has great followers the restaurant will be rewarded. If not the restaurant will plummet in sales and no one will be pleased. While developing a business' staff is important to running a successful restaurant, it is also essential that management focus on its public relations as well as its sales and marketing strategies. Staff developing is vital for restaurants to run smoothly. A restaurant is composed of two sectors; a Front of House (FOH) and theirs a Back of
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Second day of training is when the new employee will be shadowed by an veteran employee and will be helped only when needed. Third day through the fifth day of training is when the trainee is typically by themselves and if in a bind, they have to try to work themselves out of it themselves. After the fifth day of training, the employee will be given a test testing them on how to work the appliances, dishes on the menu and how they will or can be prepared and a test on the restaurants' rules and regulations located in the handbook. Mostly all restaurants serve alcoholic beverages, so each employee is required to monitor how many drinks the customer has had and how intoxicated they are. It is also the responsibility of the restaurant to make sure an intoxicated customer does not drive a motor vehicle and to make sure it leaves the restaurants' premises without being harmed. Each employee is to check the identification of a customer who asks for an alcoholic beverage and to make sure that no under aged customer be slipped an alcoholic beverage. If an incident like this should happen, a manager should be notified and further action will be applied if needed. Brian Aycock declared that if an unruly customer came his restaurant they would be asked to leave (Aycock). If an unruly customer comes in and creates commotion while disturbing guest, the unruly guest will be given a warning. The first warning
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