Research Philosophy And Approaches On Research

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Research philosophy and approaches Defining a case study method indicates the problem and entails finding a solution to solve it. However, to answer the research questions it is vital to demonstrate deep consideration of the elements related to particular research design, and to show the ability to reflect upon research philosophy and approach to theory (Easterby-Smith et al., 2012; Eisendhardt, 1989). In business and management research a regular investigation not only leads to solving business problems, but also contributes to management knowledge (Edmondson and McManus, 2016). There are different methods solutions as well as various ways of conducting them. Based on the literature review, we can distinguish qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methodological approaches. Despite the fact that the quantitative method based their theory on previous observations and findings, where the second uses findings and observations to test the already existing theory, these two methodological approaches are not mutually exclusive. Scholars not only define these methods as valuable (Molina-Azorín and Cameron, 2015), but also stress the importance of their usefulness by perceiving them as most helpful in field research (Edmondson and McManus, 2016). In business study, qualitative approach is usually prescribed as allowing a particular investigation and data collection of a topic of interest in which information is obtained through ethnography, interviews, observations or group
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