Research Plan on Palm Oil Destruction Essay examples

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My idea was to make a video of some sort, some kind of an educational video. I decided that my area of interaction would be Environment. I narrowed it down to two topics which were : Palm Oil Destruction and China Pollution. I already knew quite a lot about both of the topics, but I decided to go with a topic that affects us and the world. Therefore, I chose Palm Oil Destruction which affects us in many ways. I will make a video about an environmental issue and post it on Youtube, to gain awareness and to learn more about this topic, those are my goals. “Palm is one of the largest on going environmental disasters currently.”(Care2) A massive force that is pushing orangutans, a mankind's closest relative, to extinction. A force that is…show more content…
I planned to reach my goal by keeping in mind the specifications I had set out to achieve. I focused on one topic the whole time which was Environmental harm that Palm Oil was causing. I also have to meet all my due dates and not procrastinate. First step was to get all the research done. I had some great sources that combined really well to form the whole outline of my video as well as the body of the video. I then started making my video which took me some time as I was working with a new program. I also ran into some problems but I was still able to meet my due date. Since I am not a tech person my video didn’t turn out amazing or anything but it had all the important information so I think the viewer understood the message. My other goal was to cover every aspect of palm oil such as; how it affects the environment, and how it affects people. My main specifications are: to meet all my due dates I set out for myself, find well rounded information on Palm oil and create a video that has all the information I that covers everything.
Selection of Sources: I used 8 different sources that each focused on a different aspect of Palm Oil. Source A was by far my favorite source it had all the information and it was organized very well. I used that as my outline for my video, I just added more information from other sources. Some sources had lots of
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