Research Portfolio Assignment : Child Development And Children 's Services

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Research Portfolio Assignment-Part 1
Winntrest Hampton

Research Portfolio Assignment-Part 1
1. Identification of a research cluster
The Cluster Research that has been chosen for the Research Portfolio Assignment is Child Development and Children’s Services. Research under this cluster will address the harmful impacts of child neglect and abuse, as well as the development of intervention strategies to help prevent child maltreatment. Child neglect and abuse bring about long-term impacts on the victim’s physical and mental health that result into high expenditures by governments, health care systems and social welfare institutions. Knowledge obtained from research under Child Development and Children’s Services research cluster will be helpful in implementing recommendations that will help prevent child maltreatment and promote healthy development in children (Davies and Ward, 2011).
2. Literature Search
Begle, A. M., Dumas, J. E., & Hanson, R. F. (2010). Predicting child abuse potential: An empirical investigation of two theoretical frameworks. Journal of Clinical Adolescence Psychology, 39 (2): 208-219.
In the United States, about 871, 000 children were victims of maltreatment in the year 2004. Many researchers now focus on the risk factors for maltreatment in order to develop interventions that can help reduce and prevent more children from becoming victims of maltreatment. In their study, Begle Dumas and Hanson (2010), conducted an empirical research…
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