Research Process Of Interviews, Observation And Analysis

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The research process of interviews, observation and analysis took place between 3rd April and 12th April, for about nine days. Interview was taken face-to-face with all the individuals. Before having face to face interviews, two short survey questionnaire was asked to fill out by each of the individual of the team. This was a bit challenging part since it was essential that this questionnaire is completed at the same time, so that the findings obtained from each one of them is regarded as equal.

Majority of the times the individual interviews took place at an isolated place in order to ensure that the respondents can answer freely without any pressure, and each one of them was made sure that their responses would be used solely for the purpose of research in the paper. All the respondents answered the questions openly without any sort of hesitation or problems. Almost all the interviews took somewhere between 15-20 minutes on an average. However, it did go to around 30 minutes when the Founder was interviewed in the very beginning.

The first few days were initially spent observing and analyzing the behavior of the individuals towards each other, and towards the newest member of the team. After observing and noticing few important elements since over the past 5 days, individual interviews were held on 7th and 8th April as and when the respondents became available, generally during breaks between their works. As I familiarized my research work more and more to the
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