Research Process and Terminology

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Research Process and Terminology
Denise G. Silven
CJA/334 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
July 23, 2012
Jody Pennington

Research Process and Terminology
Students who desire a career in research associated with the criminal justice industry must learn the terminology they will be using in order to understand the process they need to carry out as well as terminology associated with criminal justice. Someone who does not know the proper terminology in either field could find themselves unable to understand exactly what it is they are supposed to discover about the subject matter. Once familiar with any tools and terminology, “much of the anxious sanctimony bestowed upon technical reports, academic concepts, and research
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There are several different types of data collection methods. It is up to the researcher to decide if one type of data collection will be used or if several types of data collection will be used. Data can be collected through observation, reanalysis of existing data, questionnaires, or interviews (Hagan, 2010).
It should be mentioned that data collection is in fact the research step. This step can be very involved and time consuming. A person will be required to gather any and all information available on their chosen subject. If the desired information is lacking, then he or she will need to create the data. This data will then need to be compiled into one place for the researcher to analyze it. After analyzing the data, any and all findings should be presented. This can be a rather lengthy step because summarizing, reporting, statistically analyzing, and presenting the findings can consume more time than all the other steps combined (Hagan, 2010).
Finally, conclusions, interpretations, and limitations should be drawn from the research. This is the step in which the researcher will explain what he or she “believes the study has to say.” Throughout the research process and especially at this juncture, the researcher must take care to keep his or her personal beliefs and feelings out of their work (Hagan, 2010).
As previously mentioned, it is important that someone wanting to be involved in research in criminal justice
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