Research Process and Terminology Essay

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Research Process and Terminology
This paper is about the terminology used in research and the processes in which are used in research. In this paper the reader will learn how not knowing the proper terminology can have an effect on someone that is trying to conduct a criminal justice research project. It will also tell how by being knowledgeable of the correct terms it can be a positive feature to the researcher when examining and weighing up data or following a line of investigation information. And lastly, it will also explain how the knowledge and terminology can and will be relevant to a career in the criminal justice field.
What is the meaning of research in the criminal justice world? “Studious inquiry or examination;
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There are quite a few and the words can be used in many different ways to help with the understanding of research. If the correct terminology is not used or is not used in the correct way it can change the complete outcome or understanding of the research that is being performed. Without the correct understanding of the basic terminology in the criminal justice field the research will definitely end in a failure. If this is turns out to be the case, the research performed will be a waste of time and no one will know the correct results. This will result in the research having to be redone which would end in a more time and money to be used and
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