Research Process and Terminology Paper

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Research Process and Terminology Paper CJA/334 Research Methods in Criminal Justice January 10, 2012 Abstract In this paper you will learn the process of research. Anyone can research but in order to research correctly, one must know the language and process. As always when researching the reason one is researching to find new information. This is when one will familiarize their self with new research terminology as well as knowledge. When one describes the research process it should contain; the new terminology found, how the terminology and knowledge apply to the research, explain how not knowing the proper terminology can affect the research and as well as why knowing the correct terminology helps. When researching one must…show more content…
Data collection methods- the researcher needs to pick how the information for this subject can be collected (observation, questionnaires, interviews) and so forth. Analysis and presentation of findings- the researcher needs to use reports and other information gathering it into one to present the hypothesis. Conclusion- what does the studies say about this topic, this is based on all the information that was gathered together to get the correct conclusion. There are different types of researches that can occur depending on what information needs to be solved and discovered. Usually when a researcher picks a certain topic to research they tend to pick a topic that will have a paragraph that can relate to their self so this gives them more interest to feel for that subject, this is called problem formulation. When the researcher is developing a plan to start the research the focus should be based on where the subject is currently highly affected the most and who is mainly drawn to this subject. This was the researcher can know who to interview and which location. For instance if a case worker is researching rates on domestic violence, the findings should come from the state which has the highest rates as well as the rates of men who are arrested for domestic violence. Being a researcher you have to manage time well and make sure your researching in
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