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Research Proposal
Investigating the challenges and opportunities of Ben TreCoconut
Candy and suggesting applicable strategies for future development of Dong A Company-Owner of Ben Tre brand

August 2012

1. Introduction
This research is conducted in a short time, so obviously it will have limitations.
The research actually focus on evaluating, collecting data and information about how prices of coconut influence on Ben Tre Coconut Candy and also on Ben Tre people. Besides, the elements such as source of materials, quality of coconuts, quantity will also be considered.

The researcher is particularly interested in how company can transfer challenges to opportunities. In business, company needs to maximize profit, but it also
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The second point is the threat of copyright. Recently, Ben Tre Coconut Candy must compare with other products which breach the copyright of Ben Tre. A lot of fake products are named as Ben Tre Coconut Candy. This makes customers to be confused on quality of candy from Ben Tre. Moreover, the company is also lost revenue.

The threat of substitute products is now increasing. There are a lot of international companies investing into Vietnam and they bring high quality candy with famous brand. Ben Tre Coconut Candy needs to ensure the quality will always be remained at high level.

1.3 Research objectives
1. Investigating and evaluating how price of coconut in Ben Tre province at the present effect to the Dong A Company as well as Ben Tre Coconut
2. Evaluate factors which will effect to the source of materials of company in the present and future.
3. Define purpose of customer when buying coconut candy: teenager and adult, from this apply applicable strategies to attract more customers.

Research Proposal-Prepared by DN

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August 2012

4. Conduct a survey in Ho Chi Minh City to evaluate the awareness of customer as well as evaluate the brand name of Ben Tre Coconut Candy in this market.

1.4 Research questions
The following are questions which are used to define and evaluate the effect of main factors to Dong A Company as well as its product – Ben Tre Coconut
1. How does price of coconuts effect to price of
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