Research Project On Energy Neutral Homes

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Introduction CE 3.1 This career episode gives the brief description about my roles and responsibilities executed during the project on "Energy Neutral Homes in Geelong" which was done as a part of my Masters in Automotive and product development at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia. Chronology: 20 Name of the Organization: Deakin University Graphical location: Geelong, Australia Project Title: Energy Neutral Homes in Geelong Position: Student Trainee Background CE 3.2 This project was implemented as a part of my Masters in Automotive and product development at Deakin University. This career episode gives the complete information of my roles and responsibilities which I have executed while implementing the project. CE 3.3…show more content…
This project has been executed by taking the different electricity generation of Geelong house of different sources of electrical energy and is been compared with other smart electrical energy. CE 3.6 Hierarchy Model CE 3.7 My tasks involved during the project period were: To select two bedroom house in Geelong To met project guide twice a week to discuss the project progress. To document each weeks work in a weekly submission To gather information on related topics of solar and wind energy To execute energy auditing To consider energy efficiency To check the energy regulation To employ renewable resources To prepare final documentation with good analysis work on the project. Personal Workplace Activity CE 3.8 Initially, I have executed energy auditing which means inspecting a house and noting down the energy flow in kW and time. Due to this energy auditing there are many advantages: it improves household energy efficiency, Reduce our impact on climate change and Save money. This auditing completes in 1-2 hrs. I examined that there are a variety of Australian and State Government subsidies, rebates and tailored information services available to Australian households to help improve their efficiency and sustainability. Each state has its own green rebate scheme for local households. It may even be potential to claim both a state and federal rebate on certain items. CE 3.9 Next, I have considered energy
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