Research Project On Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

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Juan Gamez
SOC 590 Latino Health
Professor Dr. Muñoz
Research Design Project

Smoking tobacco cigarettes has been recognized as the leading cause of lung cancer and other health related illnesses in the developed world. But there is a new emergence of electronic cigarettes, which can deliver nicotine without the vast range of carcinogens and toxins found in a regular tobacco cigarette. Of course, this is a very controversial topic in which creates a dilemma, some people approve the use of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. In the other hand there is people with negative views on the use of an e-cigarette as an alternative to a regular tobacco cigarette. My research will target a specific population, college students and their point of view on the use of electronic cigarettes. I am interested to find what are college students at CSUSB perceptions of the health impacts of electronic cigarettes? Are college students more susceptible to use electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes?
In my research, I want to find out if perception plays a role in decision making. In this case I want to know if college student perceptions of electronic cigarettes at CSUSB impacts their decision making. For example, a student who believes e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes is more likely to use electronic cigarettes. In the other hand, a student who believes e-cigarettes are more harmful
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