Research Proposal: Container Port Competition between China and Hong Kong

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Research Proposal: Container Port Competition Between China and Hong Kong Synopsis The research that is proposed here centers on the relationship that exists between the ports in Hong Kong and China, specifically South China, in terms of their competition with each other and their level of cooperation. Competitive strategies and degrees of cooperation have been changing drastically in the past few decades as the region and more of the world has opened up to trade, and dealing with capacity issues as well as other logistical problems has forced the very nature of competition and cooperation amongst commercial ports to change drastically (Song, 2002; Song, 2003; Cullinane et al, 2004). Witnessing the ongoing development in Hong Kong and the political and commercial/economic tensions between Hong Kong and China has been a major impetus in this research. Aims and Objectives The aims of this research will be to establish a greater understanding of the nature of the current competition between ports in Hong Kong and in China, specifically South China, determining the degree of this competition and its impact on trade, and identifying any competitive efforts that might exist between ports and the motives behind this cooperation. Objectives that will help achieve these aims include identifying business patterns at the ports in question and determining the connections between the political and commercial ties of China and Hong Kong. Through these aims and objectives, the

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