Research Proposal: Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Introduction The goal of my research is to examine and find internal ways to distinguish customer satisfaction among one of the nations largest telecommunication company. The services offered include a range of telecommunications services, including wireless communications; local exchange services; long-distance services; data/broadband and internet services; video services; telecommunications equipment; managed networking; and wholesale services (Wireless Telecommunication Services Industry Profile: United States, 2013, 20). The wireless communication segment of the company has over one hundred million wireless subscribers accounting for approximately fifty-three percent of all total revenue. Maintaining wireless customer satisfaction…show more content…
Secondly, determine if any relationship exists between recommending the company versus recommending the individual on a national or regional scale. Lastly, suggest a better survey model to accurately portray customer satisfaction to aid management. Literature Review My research will address key concerns within the wireless communication industry as it relates to customer satisfaction and retention. In the early stages of market growth, the emphasis was on acquiring new subscribers, but now as the market matures, the significance of retaining current customers increases drastically (Seo, Ranganathan, and Babad 2008, 182). Therefore, retaining customers is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. Seo, Ranganathan, and Babad argue how four variables (service plan complexity, handset sophistication, length of association, and connectivity quality) based on switching cost and customer satisfaction theories affect customer retention behavior, so this is why it is important to analyze the current customer satisfaction survey model to determine which areas need more improving. Some key areas of focus are pricing, personal benefit, calls quality, customer care,
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