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1.2 Background to the Study
E-Procurement is one of the technology advancement in the purchasing and supply departments in the public sectors. Confusion exists in defining the term e-Procurement (Vaidya, Yu, Soar & Turner, 2003). While the terms “e-Procurement” and “e-Purchasing” have been used synonymously in many jurisdictions in an attempt to prove their involvement in the e-Commerce revolution (MacManus, 2002), the term “purchasing” has a narrower scope.

E-Procurement refers to the use of Internet-based (integrated) information and communication technologies (ICTs) to carry out individual or all stages of the procurement process including search, sourcing, negotiation, ordering, receipt, and
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For example, Electronic Data Interchange has been providing automated purchasing transactions between buyers and their suppliers since it was launched in the 1960s. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) followed in the 1970s, and then came the commercial use of the Internet in 1980s. It was only in the 1990s that the World Wide Web - the multimedia capability of the Internet - became widely enabled and provided the essential resource for the automation of procurement (OGC, 2002).

According to Koorn, Smith and Mueller (2001), there are three types of e-Procurement Systems: Buyer e-Procurement Systems, Seller e-Procurement Systems and Online Intermediaries. This study shall focus predominantly on Buyer e-Procurement Systems, which typically demonstrate one of two systems philosophies in regard to e-Procurement: Enterprise Portal and Enterprise Application. While various e-Marketplaces have been launched based on the Enterprise Portal philosophy, the implementation of e-Procurement systems usually consists of two technologies within the Enterprise Application philosophy: a workflow system integrated with an e-Procurement application that supports requisition to payment; and the electronic catalogue that lists suppliers’ items and prices over the Internet. The impact of implementing e-procurement in purchasing and supplies in public sector is great because there shall be total satisfaction to the user and

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