Research Proposal: Examination of the Impact of Appraisal on Employees at Workplace

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Examination of the impact of appraisal on employees at workplace


The aim of this research proposal is to evaluate the impact of performance appraisal approach on employees and also investigates the relation between performance appraisal and employees performance.
Performance appraisal is a comparatively new approach to assess employee’s performance. It is commonly used in organisations to bring successive change in employee performance, and it is an opportunity for employees to participate and resolve all kinds of work related matters including wages, job recognition. The main objectives of this review for employers are to identify the areas of employees training and development needs.
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They claimed it was just only related to measure of performance change. But in contrast Nathan et al (1991) research claimed that reviews affect performance in three dimensions. It gives opportunity to employees to participate in discussion, evaluation of performance, and changes in employee performance (Mushin and Byoungho. 1998).

A company in Korea conducted employee’s performance appraisal and the result of appraisal they have used for support information for career development, job rotation, advancement and pay decisions.

Facing to two different views Lee and Son (1998) conducted another longitudinal study in this research they found that the content of appraisal review did not have positive impact on subsequent job performance. Why their result was same like Dorfman et al (1986) and different from Nathan et al (1991). Lee and Son (1998) describe most likely reason is that they have obtained data from organisation and Natha et al (1991) had collected data through questionnaire (Mushin and Byoungho. 1998).

Fletcher (2001) describes that performance appraisal has progressively more become part of modern strategic approach to integrating HR activities and business policies and planning. It also has been seen as ‘generic term’ that is usable for broad range to cover up different types of activities, through which organisations use to evaluate employees
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