Research Proposal

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TO: Professor Sara Cutting
FROM: Kiersten McCaffrey
DATE: February 18, 2014
SUBJECT: Begin Business Plan for Potential Future Investment

Background In the beginning of the semester you requested that I research a topic related to a personal decision such as a future goal. I am currently employed at a yoga studio and have a general understanding of the hard work that goes into running a small business. At the same time, I also directly see the benefits of owning a successful business. As a business management major, and someone who enjoys practicing yoga, I believe opening my own yoga studio is a potential career choice for me.

Purpose of the Study

Since I will not be finically stable upon finishing college, I would like
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Plan for Collection

Secondary Data. Secondary data will be found though official publications such as websites that provides real estate information, as well as statistics about the area’s median income, population, etc.

Primary Date. Proper primary data will not be found at this time due to the timeline of this research. Once the proposal is approved, and the research is further conducted, I will be able to present primary data when the project is realistically implemented in ten years from now.

Data Analysis

The research obtained for the financial features of this project will be shown through a spreadsheet. The financial statement will be for this current year instead of the time period when I choose to apply this project because it would be unrealistic, as well as extremely difficult to research the future expenses of such large ticket items.

Time Required

Complete Secondary Research March 15
Produce Progress/Status Report March 18
Deliver Research Report April 22
Decide whether to Implement Plan May 1
Implement Plan 2020-2025

Presentation of Results

I will present my conclusion and decision to in a formal written report that will include a financial statement and table comparing the competition. You previously stated that I would not be able to conduct this research without your prior approval. I will send you a
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