Research Proposal On Equity Bank Kenya

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UNIVERSITY OF NICOSIA MBA Program Decision Making Methods & Tools (MBALN-603) Research Proposal-Customer Satisfaction Equity Bank Kenya Student Number: R1506D824772 Student Name Azhi Dler Mohammed Mirza Customer Satisfaction at Equity Bank Kenya Introduction The banking sector is facing a dynamic change in the market. In addition to that, there is an economic and financial crisis in the banking industry, hence aiming customer satisfaction is very crucial for the banking sector. It's well understood that customers are the backbone of any company. Customer satisfaction is an essential part of all the industry, not sparing the banking sector. If the customers get pleased with the services or products of a company, they become loyal to the company and market it hence contributing to the growth of the company. This increases the profits of the company (Hill, 2003). Customer Satisfaction…show more content…
It's well-known that a no business can exist without customers. The principle agenda of this research proposal is to illustrate the importance of customer satisfaction in the banking industry. The banking industry is among the most competitive industries; hence being able to fulfill customer satisfactions and demands becomes an essential element in sustaining the industry. This is because customer satisfaction is the key to retaining customers hence the success of the bank. This paper will try to study and analyze measures taken by Equity Bank to satisfy the needs of their customers. It will also bring out the role that customer satisfaction plays in the success of Equity Bank. So much research on customer satisfaction has been done; however, this paper increases knowledge regarding how important customer satisfaction
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