Research Proposal On Hrm

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Research Proposal

A Comparative study of Contemporary issues in HRM faced by the Indian and Nepalese Hotel and Restaurants Business in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Submitted By: Hariom Bhandari (S40937)

Submitted to:
Wittenberg University
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Tables of content

1. Introduction and Background 3
2. Problem statement and Objectives 3
3. Purpose 3
4. Research Importance 3-4
5. Research Methodology and Designs 4
6.1Research Philosophy
6.2Research Method
6.3Research approach
6.4Research strategy
6.5Data collection tools and procedure
6. Literature Review 5
7. Timescales 6
8. Research Limitation 6

Introduction and Background
Many factors like globalization, technological change, Migration, Hospitality industry has been changed in terms of the size, structure and scope, especially Hotel and Restaurants. Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for Hospitality Industry in which many Indian and Nepalese Hotel and restaurants are offering products and services since many years. However, it is most important to know their status, and they should be facing many problems while operating business since this research should be focused towards the current issues like cultural barriers, legal obligation, accessibility, marketing techniques, customer satisfaction, complaint Handling, profit and loss analysis sales turnover and so on. However, the study should be mostly based on HR challenges faced by this Hotel and Restaurants. In addition to this research study also give solution to these issues, and also provides a base to gain competitive advantage over other Hotel and Restaurants.
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