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Research Proposal Title: analysis of the dairy value chain in Sendafa, Ethiopia. - Self-help groups /dairy farmers ….. Have manager - Who are the farmers - Stakeholders in the chain - Farming system - Production system - Who collect milk (collection) - Identifying opportunities and challenges for dairy chain - Informal and formal chain (1-14days) - Collection during –evening and morning milk collection - Have different quality but with the same price - More milk is rejected - Some of the farmers have crossbreeds and some have local breeds - Cost price analysis will be tested - Identifying of the neck bottle - Sensitivity for improving Ambo university= challa 1. CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION This chapter provides an overview of dairy sector…show more content…
Definition of concepts 4.3. Research design/ Strategy The strategy will include desk research to come up research issues, objectives and research questions, field work for data collection, data entry, processing and compilation, analysis of results, discussion of the research findings and finally conclusion and recommendations. The questionnaires and checklist developed during desk research would be pretested prior to field administration. Views on how to improve them would be sought from fellow students, lecturers and other relevant field staff. This would help verify their relevance and applicability in relation to the study. During data collection 1person from agriculture office of sendafa, 1 researcher from Ambo university would support and where agricultural officer will be used as guidance, where he will be given a brief explanation on the study, how it was designed and what is expected from the field research data collection. 4.4. Research framework The research framework will guide the research process through the different phases from inception to completion 4.5. Conceptual

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