Research Proposal On Stereotype Threat

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Student: Nisaa Kirtman


RESEARCH METHODS 8 (Quantitative Research Proposal)

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Quantitative research proposal on stereotype threat:
Evaluation of online supportive website

Problem Statement Stereotype threat, or the fear of being judged through the lens of a negative stereotype, has been shown to hurt one’s performance (Spencer, Steele, & Quinn, 1999; Steele, Spencer & Aronson, 2002). It is clear, from years of research, that individuals who are threatened about a negative stereotype concerning their ability do not perform to their potential when stereotypes are
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This finding suggests that humor can be used to cope with threat, and students may view threat as a challenge to simply overcome other that simply a threat. Stereotype threat has also been shown to cause self-handicapping, or internal factors that impair performance (Stone, 2012) as well as claimed self-handicapping, or external factors that impair performance (Keller, 2002), both of which could be used intra-personally or interpersonally. The previous studies show that coping mechanisms for stereotype threat are vast, and those susceptible to threat should have access to resources on ways to deal with some of underperformance effects of threat especially in academic settings.

Purpose The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Reducing Stereotype Threat website,, which offers resources, coping mechanisms and referrals for dealing with feelings of threat and its aftermath.
Specifically, the purpose of the current study is to:
1. Obtain general site feedback from students impacted by threat;
2. Obtain feedback on specific resources from the site, focusing on design, usability, and impact of those resources. This website serves as, not just information and literature on the topic, but an online resource portal for students and educators who are faced with this phenomenon directly (as students or
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