Research Proposal : Online Store for Primark

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Research proposal
Online Store for Primark INTRODUCTION
Online shopping is becoming tremendously popular among customers. Major fashion retailers have established their online presence to expand their market. Primark is one of the fashion retailers having lowest prices among the high street brands. The aim of this study is to analyse the consumer shift from high-street shopping to internet shopping and evaluate how an online store can affect the retail business of Primark.
The research question of this study is mentioned below in form of hypothesis.
H0: Should Primark launch an online shopping store?
H1: Should Primark not launch an online shopping store?
Managing an online business falls under
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To conduct quantitative research, the first step is defining the problem, identifying the objectives and goals, and establishing research questions or hypothesis. It is followed by data collection and analysis with the application of various numerical and statistical approaches. Quantitative research is more factual in terms that we get concrete data with evidence to prove the results of our research.
Qualitative Research
According to Kothari (2008) qualitative research is concerned with qualitative phenomena which are related to or involve quality or kind. Qualitative research engages the collection and analysis of non-numerical data obtained from experiments, interviews, observations, and other resources involving statements and arguments. Research is conducted into particular context and non-numerical interpretive approach is used to produce narrative description of research data. Unlike quantitative research, this type of research considers the underlying facts behind the establishment of particular behaviors and assumptions. It is commonly used in behavioural sciences where the aim of research is to discover underlying motives of human behaviour.
This study will use quantitative methods of research. The major advantage of using quantitative research design is that it is an exceptional method for making conclusions and agreeing or disagreeing to any

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