Research Proposal Outline: The Influence of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility on Profitability

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Research proposal outline
The influence of environmental corporate social responsibility on profitability
Central focus
This research proposal will contain details on how environmental corporate social responsibility affects a firm's profitability. The central question is how does environmental awareness affect a firm's financial gains? This is a worthwhile question to pursue due to the emerging trend in positive consumerism (Harrison, 2005) as well as the perceived business benefits of CSR.
This work will be based on a theoretical framework of sustainability and specifically that of corporate social responsibility (CSR).The work of Porter and Kramer (2003) indicated that businesses can indeed benefit immensely by engaging in CSR activities. These must be done while at the same time ensuring that the business remains profitable. As Carroll (1983, p. 608), CSR involves the conduct and behavior of a given business in a manner that is law abiding, economically viable, ethical and yet socially supportive. Eco-efficiency should therefore be one of the ways in which businesses can offer goods and services in a way that can improve the quality of life so as to make the clients satisfied (Elkington,1997,p.,78). I will therefore be engaging this topic from the point of view of environmental awareness, eco-efficiency and environmental corporate social responsibility and their impact on the image and profitability of companies.
Key research questions
Does environmental
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