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Quality of Life Name: Institutional Affiliation: How would you as a person be classified? Well, this the one question that would raise a heated debate and long list of the elements critical in classifying people that is because the issue is not about how best to classify people but rather what qualify life means. Quality life refers to the general person’s and societies’ well-being as well as the individual’s commitment to his or her life (Phillips, 2006). Quality life can also be defined in terms of the measurement of energy and power in an individual necessary for the enjoyment of life and prevalence over the challenges encountered. What is certain is that it is the individual that best determines the measurement of his or…show more content…
The intention here is that people should build confidence in whatever they do no matter what (Nussbaum & Amartya, 1993). It is also worth noting that demographically, the social environment or experiences of an individual play a succinct role in the psychosocial developmentof the person’s different stages of development. In reference to Erik Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development, it is critical for individuals to develop their ego identity, behavioral competence as they are critical in addressing specific societal virtues and psychosocial crises (Erikson, & Coles, 2000). Additionally, Kohlberg’s moral development theory asserts that an individual’s future is affected by different demographic factors. The theory primarily concerns three stages namely pre- conventional, conventional and post-conventional stagesthat are in turn helpful in the description of new and comprehensive individuals’ personalities (Kohlberg, & Hersh, 1977). The pre-convention stage especially in relation to criminal justice concerns the moral reasoning levels of the judges in relation to the morality of an action and factors influencing it as in the case of a felony trail (Kohlberg, & Hersh, 1977). The convention stage of moral development tackles the jury’sjudgment methods for the morality of actions of the criminals through

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