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KNUTSFORD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE | CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR | Research Proposal | | OYENIRAN ABIOLA OLAYINKA (KBS00 178) | 11/17/2010 | | CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Prior to the liberalization of the telecommunication sector of Ghana’s economy, the mobile telephony sector of the economy was non-existent. The only telecommunication service available to the populace was limited fixed lines provided by the Ghana Postal and Telecommunication Corporation (GP&T), which had a monopoly. The rate of access to phone in homes was 3 phones per 1,000 inhabitants and its distribution was skewed in favour of urban dwellers especially those in Accra. This led to the springing up of communication centers which…show more content…
Most of the strategies are geared towards dominating the market. Whilst some over adopted the strategy of innovation (a leaders), others have adopted the strategy of copying what others have done (follower). Meanwhile others have also adopted the strategy of being a challenger and nicher. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY A close observation of the mobile telephony sector of Ghana reveals the looming of a heightened competition, the research therefore seek to address following; 1. To examine competitive environment of the mobile telephony sector? 2. Identify and analyze the strategies the various mobile operators adopted in the wake of tight competition? 3. To examine the impact of these strategies on customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty? The purpose of this research is to understand the impact of the tight competition witnessed over the past few years has on mobile operators and their customers and how customers have reacted to this phenomenon. In my opinion the tight competition which has resulted in a price war between these mobile operators goes to the benefit of mobile customers who have been underserved for long. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY The focus of this research is on the impact of the marketing strategies adopted by mobile operators in Ghana on their customers which makes it importance to individuals, the players in the market, and corporate entities. Aside adding to the

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