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The effect of a nursing intervention on promoting self-care ability in breast cancer patients after breast surgery Background Self-care is one of the most important parts in post-operative patients’ further life and health recovery. Specific nursing intervention in the post-operative period is essential in promoting healing and improving patient’s quality of life. The purpose of this research is to analyse the effect of a nurse-directed intervention on post-operative self-care ability in breast cancer patients to find out the relationship between a nurse-directed intervention and self-care agency variables. A three-month quantitative quasi-experimental design will be performed using non-random sample of 60 participants. The intervention…show more content…
Over a period of three months, all patients who underwent breast surgery in the general surgery department during this time will be invited in the study. The population will comprise two groups of participants: a sample of participants who will be provided nursing interventions (an intervention group, 30 women) and a sample of those who will be provided standard nursing care (a control group, 30 women). As far as possible, the two groups will be of similar situation and parity. Recruited registered nurses in the surgery department will be instructed, and will be responsible for recruiting participants when patients finish operation at least for 10 days. Patients will be interviewed to make sure that they are eligible for the study, and will be asked about their demographic information. The process of this study will be explained to them. They also will be advised that they may or may not be provided interventions depending on which group they are assigned to. Information from hospital records and the initial interviews will be used for selecting participants for this study. All of the patients’ demographic information will be protected. Patients who satisfied the following inclusion criteria will be included into the sample: Patient (female) has had breast surgery at least for 10 days Patient is adult, the age ranges from 18-80 years old Patient has
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