Research Proposal: Performance Appraisal or Forced Ranking?

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Research Proposal: Performance Appraisal or Forced Ranking? A review and recommendation of methodologies Patricia Bosnyak FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR AND MANAGEMENT 2/28/2011 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEMS 1 ABSTRACT This document examines the differences between forced ranking and performance appraisal reviews, with the goal of recognizing the better of the two. The paper discusses possible method and design for research study, as well as whom the writer "thinks" would participate in the research study. It closes with ways the results might be analyzed and the expected outcomes. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEMS 2 INTRODUCTION Leaders can go about reviewing their employees in several…show more content…
The definitive objective is to have a more productive staff, dispensing of the fruitless ones. Additionally, not utilizing this method leaves the cream of the crop inaccurately compensated for their performance and those at the bottom a mystery to management. There is no argument that the process of administering performance management is not easy. No one likes to tell a member of their staff they are in jeopardy of losing their job because of poor performance. Thus, this can lead to compassion during the process, ultimately hurting the bottom line. Donaldson believes this is the driving cause for companies to enact such a drastic change in their performance management process. She outlines such a development in figure 1. Business goals are not being met Forced ranking is used, delineating high and low performers, with rewards and penalties Employee performance is seen as the cause Decision is made to raise the bar, via true performance analysis Performance evaluations generally reflect good performance for the majority Figure 1 As with the previous article, the critics are just the same. To summarize some comments around forced ranking, it is “demoralizing,” “creates a dysfunctional and
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