Research Proposal : Risk Communication

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This following research proposal will ascertain and explain aspects of research concerning risk communication in post-conflict environments. The purpose of this paper is to conduct a research proposal that will outline and ascertain theories, methodologies and research methods that will be applied in order to better understand the framework of the research problem.

Following the introduction this paper will commence by defining the research problem to be studied and establish the aims and objectives of the prosed research prior to addressing why the research is important. The paper will then elucidate the key terminologies and definitions used throughout the research, in order to explain the context in which these terms are
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The main question that will be examined within the proposed research is:

How do organizations operating in post-conflict areas communicate and manage risks and how do they decide which risks to tolerate and which to ignore and why?

It is important to define and clarify key terminologies and definitions that will be used in the essay question early in this paper. Consequently the terms risk communication, risk management and post-conflict are explained below.
Covello (1992) defines risk communication as the ‘process of exchanging information among interested parties about the nature, magnitude, significance, or control of a risk’ (359). The risk communication process is an essential part of risk management. Good communication processes incorporate risk and hazard sharing with those involved and affected by risks (ExxonMobil, 2012). Personnel who could be directly involved by risks must understand the nature of the risk.
Berg (2010) shows that there are many accepted definitions of risk management. As the proposed research will be examining the occupational and organisational setting of the researcher the definition set by the researchers organisation will be utilised. ExxonMobil corporate risk application guide (2012: 5-2) defines risk Management as the ‘process of analysing,
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