Research Proposal : Risk Communication

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This following research proposal will ascertain and explain aspects of research concerning risk communication in post-conflict environments. The purpose of this paper is to conduct a research proposal that will outline and ascertain theories, methodologies and research methods that will be applied in order to better understand the framework of the research problem.

Following the introduction this paper will commence by defining the research problem to be studied and establish the aims and objectives of the prosed research prior to addressing why the research is important. The paper will then elucidate the key terminologies and definitions used throughout the research, in order to explain the context in which these terms are used throughout the proposal. The research will also identify the theoretical perspectives, concepts and methodologies that will be utilized within the research. Finally any anticipated problems and ethical concerns will be considered examined within this paper. These will require significant consideration by the researcher during the study.
The research problem to be studied within the framework of this research is to study risk communication within post-conflict environments. The background of the research will focus on theories pertaining to risk communication. Risk communication has been shown to an essential part of risk management (Baram, 1989). Furthermore, risk communication is critical in…

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